Rosemary Novellino-Mearns and April Wright

Rosemary Novellino-Mearns, author of “Saving Radio City Music Hall - A Dancer’s True Story,” is proud to be featured in the new documentary film “Going Attractions - The Definitive Story of the Movie Palace.”

In the spring of 1978, thanks in large part to the efforts of Rosemary Novellino the Dance Captain of the Music Hall Ballet Company, the Showpeoples’s Committee to Save Radio City Music Hall, the New York City Landmark Commission and other dedicated preservationists, Radio City Music Hall was spared the fate that befell so many of this country’s magnificent theaters. That fate was to face the wrecking ball and to be lost forever. Those theaters, built in a period of time when “going to the movies” meant more than just watching the flickering images of actors on an oversized screen, also surrounded the audience with an environment that inspired awe and amazement for simply the price of watching a film.

Leonard Maltin

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